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<transcy>【Hydro-Tightening】600sec Blue Sapphire Collagen Hydration Mask</transcy>

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●Instant Lift and Tighten, Glowing, Younger Looking Skin
●Deep Hydration and Moisture Retention
●Boost Collagen Production, Reduce Fine Lines, Anti-Aging
●Improve Blood Circulation and Detox Skin 

Key Points: 
●Premium facial mask made in Korea 
●Infused with sapphire crystal powder
●Semi-gel mask sheet (made of bamboo) for better essence absorption 
●Deep hydration with superior retention to lock in the moisture 
●Soothes skin and restores elasticity and suppleness
●Improve circulation and exfoliate skin 
●No artificial fragrance/ No animal testing/ 100% bio-degradable

●Hydrolyzed Collagen (Low/ Small Molecular Fish Collagen) 
Strengthen skin elasticity and stimulates collagen by increasing the density of skin fibrous cells
●Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin 
Deep layer hydration and moisture retention
Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and activate skin’s steam cell and skin cell regeneration
●Sapphire Powder
Improve blood circulation and exfoliate skin, for better essence absorption

5pcs / Box
30g / Mask

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